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St. Joseph CES (Richmond Hill)

York Catholic District School Board



Dear Cathy,


February, 2006

Cathy gave highly energized and informative presentations on the care and feeding of our Red Wigglers. She had student volunteers help set up the bedding in the worm composters and then had them add the worms into their new home.

She acknowledged the students' possible squeamishness, but brought them to the understanding of the importance of worms in our environment. She tailored the style and language of her presentation to suit two different audiences, Grade Ones and then a class of Grade Eights. Both audiences appreciated her humour and expertise.

The staff benefited from her knowledge of vermicomposting and she gave us the needed information to set up and maintain our classroom worm bins. Cathy also left us with printed guides on worms, their maintenance and trouble shooting solutions.

Thanks to Cathy, our students and staff feel confident and excited about our contribution to the lessening of garbage in our world.

Marie Baker
St. Joseph School
Richmond Hill, Ontario



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