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Westwood Middle School

994 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto Ontario




September 25, 2003



Dear Cathy,

I would like to thank you for your presentation on September 19, 2003. To present to a group of over 90 grade 8 students is not an easy task. You were easily able to keep their attention. Since the majority of my students live in apartments I believe it is important for them to learn about vermicomposting and to perhaps encourage their parents to take it up. Your hands on approach to allow them to feel the castings, the bedding and hold the worms eased a lot of their fears. The composting container which you left for me to raffle off was very popular; 35 students put their names in for the draw.

Regarding the composter which we purchased for the classroom; we have a list of students signed up who want to "feed" the worms. My Special Ed class wants to see the worms on a daily basis and they have been watching carefully for the "hatching" of the eggs which you left us.

As an additional follow up many students checked out your web site and were fascinated with the worm's life.

I would highly recommend your presentation to other schools. Your presentation was the talk of the school for many days following your visit; amongst the staff and students. The video which you left for me was very useful for reinforcement of vermicomposting.


Lynda Wheeler
Grade 8 Team Leader



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