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Good news update from a happy worm composter who's found a piece of heaven in British Columbia.

Good on you for all the work you're doing. You're making such a difference in this world. I think of you often. I hadn't had an email from you until recently but was very glad when you included me in your newsletter mailing. No excuses but my life is a whirlwind of change and I haven't taken the time to search out old connections.

Yes, we bought here on Quadra Island and have a 7 1/2 acre piece of land, half cleared, half forested with a mix of stately firs and scrubby alder. Mike bought it for me on my 50th birthday (pretty cool gift eh?).

We have great sunny spaces for gardening and I've already done my fair share, hauling seaweed and moving barkchips to create gardens on this piece of gravel. It was a real eye opener in self sufficiency, how much effort it entails and how much joy you get from eating from your own land. Spring rhubarb and then strawberries and soon raspberries and peaches, plums, pears, grapes and finally apples. We have a small orchard of these old apple trees which gave us hundreds of pounds. I'm not even getting into the veggies which still grace our meals.

I feel blessed beyond belief especially now that the hard work is taking a much needed breather, actually getting some inside things done as the whole summer consisted of guests, beach and garden.

Oh yeah, I started working too a week after we moved. That is a bit of a drag, taking me away from the things I love to do but as I work at the local grocery store its given me a chance to meet all my neighbours and get a real feeling for the pulse of the island. Mike stopped his one year of unemployment with a job at the resort we had lived at, maintainance guy/dock attendent and is now the cable guy for the island, climbing poles and making sure everyone is set up with cable and internet. He loves the physical work and the half time hours and not having to commute anywhere.

At a truck stop near Winnipeg last September whilst driving the U-Haul across the country, Mike found me stuffing apple cores into a small tupperware container. "What have you got there," he asked, knowing full well the answer. He hasn't been married to me for 30 years for nothing. So yes, Cathy, the worms did the big cross Canada move with us, not all of them of course for you took their cousins off to do other things, but a small contingency who moved into new quarters with us. At one point they were unjustly accused of running across my father in law's garage floor and since he wouldn't let up Dawn took them to her apartment or I should say her boyfriend befriended them, loving them so much that I had to half them again when I finally moved in here.

I believe I have come to the right place though, a great combination of blue collar ocean going folks and environmentalists and earthy people. The community is amazing, every Wednesday a community lunch where you pay what you can afford or not, food bank, free wood if needed, Sierra Club is active, best yoga class yet. And get this, our little island will be plastic shopping bag free in a month. All the stores on the island agreed and with a bit of delay it's happening. I cannot wait to tell that person who wants their milk jug or six pack of beer double bagged that I'm sorry, Quadra Island doesn't have plastic bags. Next onto the disposable cup ...

Take care and keep up all your good work.



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