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2011 Back to School Contest.

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Announcing the winner of the Cathy's Crawly Composters 2011 Back to School contest.

Congratulations to Glendale Public School.

The 2011 Back to School Contest concluded with a very spirited round of voting. Out of the final five: Roots, Wiggly Wanda, Mr. Wormypants, Chomp and Squirmy Wormy, "Chomp" came out overwhelmingly as the top name for our new mascot broach. Cathy will be making the trip to Glendale Public School later this month to deliver their new Vermicomposter and to personally thank the students and teachers of Glendale for their submissions and enthusiasm throughout the contest.

Say hello to "Chomp".

Just wanted to say how much our students enjoyed this. The older ones created posters and announcements and the last few wet days have shown our "city kids" are protecting the worms who have appeared on our tarmac.

We read diary of a worm, created poems and all sorts - a great kick-off to our eco-schools year.

Jay (Teacher)
Glendale P.S.

NB: Regarding the Name the worm contest ...
My students are bugging me big time!! and just about every minute of the Day - I told you it had caught on - here's your proof! They are so excited to know the worm names so they can vote - when will we get this? You have lit not just a fire, but a ginormous bonfire - I am now getting daily questions!!
Please help!

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