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Re: Hello Cathy:

I was delighted to find someone like you who is obviously so sincere in promoting and using vermiculture. There are not too many genuine 'greenies' like you around any more.


Re: We Would Like Another Chalet

Not sure if you remember us but we purchased a chalet in July and we love it. As result, we would like another one. Do you have any in stock? Let me know if we can come and get another one. We don't need any worms, just the chalet.

Thank you very much. I have attached a picture from our last visit. Thank you again for sharing worms with everyone because we have truly enjoyed our experience.

Kathy, Matthew, Christian & Jim

P.S. At first I thought that touching the worms wouldn't work for me but I love the little guys and I don't mind touching them at all. The self migrating has worked for our second tray but we have had so much fun and we love our new soil so we were thinking that if we could put anther tray into action then we can really get into production. I know why you find this fun. What a great job!

Re: Worm Chalet Contest

Please find enclosed a couple of submissions for the Worm Chalet contest. The students in my class have embraced vermicomposting and are quite anxious to win this prize for our classroom!

I thank you for your newsletters & find them full of great tidbits of information. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to help our environment & inspire children to do the same!

Kindly Submitted,
Pam L.
Montessori School of Kleinburg

Re: Worms eat our kitchen scraps

First, we are so pleased, Cathy ...

with the change that these little guys have brought to our perception. Each time we cut or peel fruit and vegetables, we now set aside the scraps, on a drying plate. Since the red wrigglers entered our life, we're producing about 1/2 the kitchen garbage that we used to.

This, I know, is not news to you. I just figured that you'd like to read that someone else has the message.


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Re: Happy Burrowing Worms

Hi Cathy,

I received the worms I ordered from your company about three weeks ago, and I just wanted to say how pleased I am so far with the results.

My worms seem to be quite happy burrowing in their new home, and I even noticed several cocoons during their most recent feeding, so I know they're reproducing. It's been a great alternative to the outdoor composting option, which is difficult in an apartment (and also during the upcoming cold winter months - it's already snowed here once!).

I look forward to many more happy months of vermicomposting. Thanks for offering this service.

Lindsay K
Little Current, Manitoulin Island

Re: Darling Cathy and all your supporting worms!

I am continually amazed at your business, your visions, your sense of humour - oh goodness. I really am sitting here with my mouth open in awe.

I was your Communities in Bloom judge way back in July, 2003! I was thrilled then to see your energy, your business, your environmental and educational sense - it has just compounded over the years. I am forever telling people about you and your team - it was such a thrill to see your article in the Toronto Star this past week! Way to go Cathy! I love it all - honestly. I feel energized just reading your website.

Like I said way back in 2003 with CIB - one person can make a difference! I loved judging BWG - a true highlight meeting you, Mikki and everyone. I wish you continued success and happiness - keep being so "down to earth" with your buddies the squirming worms. Hey - perhaps a music video with them could be coming soon.

Photo by
Dawn Falls

Dawn Falls

Re: Worm Away Newsletter

WOW - fantastic newsletter. I love it Cathy - informative, fun, interactive, current, future thinking, compassionate ... you're awesome!

Karen Armstrong
Inside Out encouraging balance in life ...

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Re: Healthy Home Project

Good Morning Cathy,

The Healthy Home Project has introduced the concept of composting and vermi-composting to well over 4000 children and well over 1000 adults over the course of the last year as a part of our local environmental education program. It is by far one of the most popular programs that we deliver and wouldn’t have introduced worm composting at all if it were not for your wonderful services. We started with one educational kit from Cathy’s Crawly Composters and the program took off from there.

We have travelled to numerous schools, fairs, environmental workshops and more to bring the message of composting and we have also had the opportunity to also partner up with local master gardeners and horticultural societies. Our little red wiggler friends are amazing and many people have asked where they can get started and I refer them to you.

We are indeed worm composting converts here in eastern Ontario.

Thanks again for everything

Healthy Home Project Coordinator
South Nation Conservation

Re: Worm bedding

Hi Cathy,

Very impressive! I have been raising red wigglers for about 20 years. After using several different materials for bedding I have settled on soiless mix with sand and lime added. It allows the worms to go thru it without any difficulty and when it is finished it is much nicer to put on houseplants.

Anyway I enjoyed looking at your website and keep up the great work.


Re: Worms of course

Hi Cathy,

We got it today and my Kindergarten class was THRILLED! We did a whole lesson about building their home together as a class. There was one student who was really scared of them at first, but by the end of the lesson she announced that she loved them.

Thanks again for the amazing service you provide!


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Re: Composting idea is great

Your composting idea is great, I think that all the homes should have one. My friends and I are doing an earth day project and we were planning to get some of your worms but unfortunately we can not purchase them until May so we have decided to still do our earth day project on the red wigglers but we just won't have any red wigglers to show the parents and kids at our school.

I am still going to purchase some red wigglers in May and I hope that this composting idea will work very well.

Shelby and Meghan of Marchmont PS

Re: Thank you

Hello Cathy!

This is Karla H. You delivered my vermiposter on about Friday 20 Feb. I want to thank you for how nice and considerate you were when you delivered the vermiposter to me. Bringing it all the way into the kitchen was very helpful, so thank you! Conversing with you afterwards was fun and I enjoyed finding out a bit about your past as a social worker and discussing 'the system'. So again, thank you. :)

I am glad I ordered the video rather than the book. It was fun to watch and I found it informative. I am very happy you do the work you do. This world certainly needs a lot more dedicated and enthusiastic people like you!

I wish you and your family well!

Sincere regards,

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Re: Worms in Penetanguishene


We got some chalets yesterday. We did not have time to set them up.

We did set one this morning and we will finish the second one this afternoon. Everybody is exited here from clients to staff.

We met Rick yesterday; he gave us the heads up. He said they should be OK even if I’ll be away for a week. I have arranged for replacement to feed them every 2 day using the rotation principle. The diet will be mainly coffee, tea and plants scrap.

Last night I watch the video at home. It was very motivational. I enjoyed when you first had to present in a French school. I can relate to that…It was very inspirational and I look forward to get back into it in two weeks.

Congratulations, great initiative.

Employment Support Specialist
Mental Health Center Penetanguishene

Re: Your Movie

Hi there Cathy,

How lovely it was to receive your movie in the mail the other day. I do appreciate you remembering me! I watched it and loved it, visualizing big time distribution. You did and superb job on-camera and Rick was a fabulous support player!


Let me know if there is any way I can help you further on your mission.

It's a wormderful world!

Re: Squirm, The Movie

Thank you so much for sending my copy of Squirm.
The movie is absolutely perfect - loved every scene.

Congratulations, Cathy - this is truly a work of art and demonstrates clearly your commitment to this project.


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Re: Good news update from a happy worm composter who's found a piece of heaven in British Columbia

At a truck stop near Winnipeg last September whilst driving the U-Haul across the country, Mike found me stuffing apple cores into a small tupperware container. "What have you got there," he asked, knowing full well the answer. He hasn't been married to me for 30 years for nothing. So yes, Cathy, the worms did the big cross Canada move with us ...


Read full story ...

Re: Worm Away Newsletter

Hi Cathy,

I love it!! So inspiring, educational and full of... your energy!!

Thanks for the mission you are on and the difference you are making Cathy.

Much Love,

Jill Hewlett Inc. - Learn, Live, Lead

Subject: Holiday gift that keeps on giving ...

Dear friends,

Sorry to email again so soon, but it's hard to contain my enthusiasm when it comes to Cathy Nesbitt and her composting worms.

Reducing one's ecological footprint is a personal thing, I know. But composting with the Worm Chalet is truly the easiest way to dispose of your organic waste - and save the planet! Besides being low maintenance, your kids and plants will love it, and happy relatives and neighbours will appreciate the 'fertilizer' you'll be sharing with them. On sale now! See below for details.

If the City already collects your organic waste, there are others who may appreciate your gifting them with a Worm Chalet:

  • Apartment-dwellers,
  • People who like to garden,
  • Folks with houseplants,
  • Kids who like neat projects, or want to earn extra pocket money (instead of lemonade, try a compost and compost tea stand)
  • Your child's classroom and/or any local school, etc, etc!

Cathy and her wonderful work are also featured in a new film, called Squirm! Be sure to catch this flick at the Green Reel Film Fest in Vaughan, January 2009. There will also be great booths there (note: try the homemade strudel)!

Please help circulate. With enough momentum, perhaps the various City Halls across Ontario and beyond may finally offer a tax rebate to people who purchase Cathy's Crawly Composters - as it should be. (Don't get me on the topic of tax-paying cyclists who risk life, limb and lungs to help reduce CO2 emissions everyday, yet have no bike lanes and must deal with careless, abusive, homicidal drivers, and much more.)

Happy holidays,

Women's Healthy Environments Network

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Re: Worm Away Newsletter

Hi Cathy,

I just want to say thanks for sending your fun and informative newsletter to me. It's so YOU!

I will look forward to getting it whenever you send it out.

Enjoy your day, after all, you own it!

`* .¸.*´
¸.•´ ¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•¸¸.•¨¯`•
Masterpiece Life

Subject: Congratulations on your newsletter and the film!


I bought some worms from you early last November as a gift for my daughter. We split the nest (or whatever you call it) just before the 25th and have had two composters going since then. The worms are delightful! We have two healthy, happy vermicomposters running.

I am currently attempting to convince my office that a vermicomposter there would be a good idea. Several people are very keen on having an organic bin, but the city doesn't do downtown pickup so we've had to stop collecting the green waste. However, if I could convince the building manager, a vermicomposter would be an even better way round the problem.

Anyway, just thought you'd like to know how the worms are doing. Must be hard to let go when someone adopts a bunch, huh? Hope things are as good as this newsletter indicates.

One very satisfied customer!

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Subject: Worms Win Environmental Leadership Award

Hello Cathy,

What an incredible journey you are on. The planet has a great friend and advocate in you and your squiggly, squirming little red friends.

Your vision for reducing waste on the planet is definitely your ticket to Oprah. Here's to your dreams all coming to reality for you in 2009. You give greatly and in return you will get much abundance.

Thanks for sharing and my congratulations on being awarded the 1st Environmental Leadership Award. Way to go Cathy. I look forward to seeing SQUIRM.

I am very appreciative of all you do for Mother Earth.

Warm regards,
Sharon - The Healing Path Centre

Subject: Where does all the garbage go?

As an avid salvager, the question of what-is-waste is always in the back (or front) of my mind. This past week has been full of opportunities to think about that.

Anna Borstad

Read Anna's blog and find out how creative we can be with our waste ...

Subject: Cathy's Crawlies on CBC

That was exceptional, Cathy. Very interesting to hear the comments of Surrey Place participants, whose strengths are clearly their passion and understanding. May you and your work continue to thrive!

Worm composting generates more than just good poop!

XO Janie

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Subject: Worm Chalet Vermicomposter

Thanks for getting back to me ... We noticed that over the weekend things(food) started to disappear. Just FYI this is working out very well for us in terms of contributing to our green culture and getting people excited.

It's funny how things work out, I was doing it because I knew it was the right thing to do and actually thought people would be grossed out or just not really pay attention but it has been the opposite! People are very interested and it creates a green buzz around the office which is great for moving towards a green culture ...

I'm going to send you an article from a newsletter that goes out to about 2000 people in southern ontario, it features our new colleagues ... I'll be in touch for more bins and worms ...

Brett Wills
Powersmiths International Corp.

Subject: What a great way to learn!

Hi Cathy! Just wanted to let you know that my kids and I have had your worm bin going for quite a few months now, and absolutely love it! The kids get right into it and love feeding and seeing the worms. My son helped me harvest the bin for the first time just last month.

What a great way to learn!

Thanks again for opening my eyes to this!


Subject: ... your bubbly energy

It was great to be in your bubbly energy once again at Jill's Women's Circle.

I already have the flyer at work, have previously looked at your well-detailed website, seen you present, spoken to you in person, seen you on Jill's programme, as well as York Region's Daytime, and now feel ready to invite the worms into my classroom and become "friends". I even have a potential back-up plan for when I travel, which was one of my concerns. Your passion is so inviting and really it all just makes sense.

Thank you, not just for forwarding me the info, but for all you do on a planetary and spiritual level.

Big hugs,

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Subject: Wriggling

I love your website, its so awesome and totally you! NOW I understand what all the wriggling is about!

Great to hear from you!

Subject: Thanks for IdeaCity

Just a quick note to thank you, and the staff of IdeaCity for such superb finesse at hosting myself and the other faculty at the meeting. Please also give our special thanks to Ryan and to Cathy, two of the volunteers who drove us around.

You all did an absolutely splendid job, and we all greatly appreciate it.

Richard M. Satava, MD FACS
(Speaker - Idea City '08)

Idea City 2008 - Volunteers

Volunteers from Idea City
Photo by Gene Driskell

Subject: Enriching Your Organic Garden With Worm Castings

As far as soil renewal is concerned, earthworms are the industrious, busy workers of the soil. Their burrows help loosen and aerate the soil, allowing plants to better able to grow stronger roots. And they feed on microbes and organic matter, which in turns becomes even richer castings. These castings constantly renew the soil, and all organic gardeners know that healthy soil is the key to a successful and bountiful garden.

Read further ...

By Ena Clewes, professional horticulturalist and writer for

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Subject: Congratulations on all your successes!

You know that it is all because you are so focused on where you want to go! If there were more people like you, there would be more success stories!

I'm so proud of you Cathy, I can't tell you how good it is to see each article, each picture and know that this is someone who is part of my network!

Keep wiggling and squirmin!


Subject: Worms on the radio

And so you continue to WOW me!!!

740AM is the station that I listen to the most as I stream it through my computer whenever I'm working. My stereo at home doesn't pull it in very well. In the car it's either 740AM or CBC Radio. Since it does come in on my bedside clock-radio, I'll have to make sure that I'm awake at 8am to take in the show.

You certainly are making the rounds and doing a bangup job of spreading the good worm.

Onward and upward ... errr ... or should that be downward or down to earth ... oh well, you know what I mean.

Cheers to you,


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