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November 27, 2014

Hi Cathy,

I wanted to let you know, we have had fabulous feedback from your workshops. Of the 3 eco-workshops we organized last year (yours, one on bees, one for gardening) yours was hands above in engaging the students. That from teachers and parents. Thought I'd share with you some of the quotes:

My students really enjoyed the vermi-composting workshops especially handling the wriggly worms. They learned a lot about what happens to food when it is discarded from the session, and having the vermi-composter in my room made many think about the "waste" they were producing. Many children brought apple cores back from recess and vegetable peels from home "for the worms". It was a great success!

Ewan (age 11):
"I liked it. The idea of a worm farmer is pretty cool and unique. I never thought about that before. They eat our food waste and convert it to soil."

Madoc (age 9):
"Worms are important because plants can grow more easily in ground with worms and with the compost that worms make. We need plants to live so we really need worms! Plus it's funny that we grow stuff in worm poo!"

Meredith (age 6):

Duncan (age 5):
"It was fun! It was dirty! They were squiggly and cute. Some were long and some were miniature. They have five hearts!"

Erin M.
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