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Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

Communities in Bloom series

July 12, 2003

Birdhouses at Scanlon Creek CA

From left, Dan Williams of Scanlon Creek CA, naturalist Peter Wukasch, Cathy Nesbitt at July 2 launch.

Birdhouse Project takes flight at Scanlon

It may be a little late for this year's nesting season, but chickadees, bluebirds and tree swallows at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area will have their choice of beautifully decorated birdhouses in years to come.

The Birdhouse Project, led by environmentalist and champion of vermicomposting, Cathy Nesbitt, produced 11 birdhouses for use at the Conservation Area, through a community partnership.

Local companies - Spence TIM-BR Mart and Home Hardware - donated the materials, the Loony Lizard dollar store provided the tools, and Rhonda's Folk Art Studio donated 2 hours of instruction for the clients of C.L.A.S.S. (Community Living of South simcoe), who put together and decorated the birdhouses.

The Project is part of Nesbitt's Communities in Bloom effort. She initially thought of carrying out a tree count, but after speaking with the York-Simcoe Naturalists Club and naturalist Peter Wukasch, decided to use the Annual Audubon Bird Count instead. It was Wukasch who mentioned the need for more birdhouses - and the project was born.

She is hoping that the Birdhouse Project will become an ongoing activity. She is now looking for designs for bat houses, purple martin houses - "Things that eat mosquitoes." - and further donations of materials.

As for this year's model, the birdhouses have been temporarily placed on display around the beach at Scanlon Creek. They will then be stored until spring, when the houses will be placed where they will attract feathered residents.

To participate in the Birdhouse Project, contact Nesbitt at 905-775-9495 or by email at

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