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Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

Communities in Bloom series

June 14, 2003

Community in Blooms Banners

Banners and flowering baskets have been hung on Bradford's Heritage light standards by the Downtown Revitalization Committee, in time for Canada Day, and the Communities in Bloom effort!

A Community in Bloom!

The Bradford West Gwillimbury Communities in Bloom effort is underway.

The Canada Day banners are back up on the light standards, large flowering baskets filled with wave petunias have been hung, new banners featuring purple irises are in place, and the Communities in Bloom Committee held its organizational meeting on June 4th, to set up sub-committees for this summer's competition.

The Tidiness team will be led by Jennifer Gordon and Andy Simone. Among the activities already carried out: the installation of new garbage cans in Bradford and the clean-up of the Holland River by the York Simcoe Naturalists, for Pitch-in Week. Still to come: Weed Wacker Week, inviting residents to tidy up their community, pick up litter, and trim those weeds.

Environment (Team Captains - Cathy Nesbitt and Karen Willison) will showcase Cathy's Crawly Composters and vermicomposting, and the constructions of birdhouses by C.L.A.S.S.

Community Involvement - Carrotfest, the Growing Together Project of students and seniors, Loaves & Fishes, other community efforts, including Communities in Bloom itself, will involve as many people as possible, in a celebration of community!

Heritage (Team Captains - Mikki Nanowski and George Jackson) From a catalogue of historical plaques, to a sculpture incorporating an historic millstone from Scanlon Creek. A model of the sculpture can be viewed at The Bradford Print Shoppe in the Artesian Industrial Parkway.

Urban Forestry (Team Captains - Joan Gibson and Gerda Slykhuis) Compton Memorial Rotary Park, the greenbelt area across from the No Frills plaza, and tiny Harmon Park, behind the Treasury Building are among the areas being targeted.

Landscape (Team captain - Giselle Gutsche) Landscaped areas being spruced up for the competition will include the Bond Head Parkette, Sir William Osler Public School, Vins Plastic, Hydro-Sphere Water Gardens, and the Town's Parkettes.

Floral Displays (Team captains - Vivian Furlan, Brenda Winter, Natalie Dykie) Beside the hanging baskets, half-barrels of flowers, the Fire Hall flowerbed, and planters of flowers on the Bradford bridge, this category includes individual gardens.

Turf and Ground Cover (Team captains - Julie Randall and Tammi Mackenzie) The local Communities in Bloom effort lost marks in this category last year - not surprising, considering the drought. Focus will be on the Administration Centre and Joe Magani Park, Scotch Settlement, Wolfert's Farm, and the Danube Seniors Leisure Centre.

Do you have an idea for a project or improvement? Want to get involved with a sub-committee? Want to include your garden as a "Communities in Bloom Participant"? Register as soon as possible; call Mikki Nanowski, 905-775-4011.

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